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Tractor 2000 series (380-405 h.p.)

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A series of articulated tractors Rostselmash 2375 inherited all the best features, significantly adding to the power and comfort. These are efficient, easy-to-maintain and economical machines. When aggregated with modern implements, they can be used in a wide range of agricultural work, in any technology, including minimal-till and no-till.

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The main advantages of a mechanical gearbox are simplicity of design, reliability, the possibility of manual control in all driving modes. High torque, which is transmitted through the manual transmission to the tractor wheels, without unintended slippage losses, while maintaining high fuel economy.


According to tradition, the construction of reliable bridges involves the installation of planetary and solar gears in final drives, to which the wheels are attached. Gearboxes with planetary gears transmit all possible power through a large precision helicoidal gear. The hubs of the planetary gear are suspended on large diameter bearings attached directly to the bridge beam. All the load falls on the bridge beam, and not on the drive components.


The HydraFlow® hydraulic system, controlled by the Closed Center Load Sensing Hydraulic System, provides efficient work of the attachment, creating the necessary pressure.

When there is no load, the system operates in an economical low-pressure mode, creating a reserve for the transmission of all power.

The performance of a standard hydraulic system is 170 l / min. An optional hydraulic system with increased productivity is available – 220 l / min. A set of 3/4 inch couplings and a pressure-free backflow clutch are basic equipment that is needed to connect most pneumatic seed drill systems.


Tractors Rostselmash 2000 series are most effective if they work on dual wheels. The tractor’s hitching properties increase, maneuverability in wet conditions increases, soil pressure decreases by 2 times compared to single wheels – all this positively affects productivity and fuel consumption. The twin-wheel tractor takes care of the soil, which from season to season is reflected in more friendly seedlings in the fields. Twin wheels are standard on the Rostselmash 2000 Series tractors.

The options are offered on a narrow “twin” 520 / 85R42 (tire tread width 520 mm) and on a wide “twin” 710 / 70R38 (tire tread width 710 mm).



You will appreciate the convenience and comfort of the cabin. The door opens to the right, creating more space on the cab platform, which is convenient for maintenance work.

Convenient railings are located on the stairs and platform. All technical solutions are simple and intuitive. Improved sound insulation, ergonomics, excellent panoramic view create ideal conditions for high-performance work. The levers on the right console allow you to easily control gear shifting and the inclusion of hydraulic distributors. On the tractor console there are niches for storing a smartphone and a bottle of water.



The Rostselmash tractors are optionally equipped with an automatic driving system using the GPS / GLONASS signal. “Autopilot” by 10% increases the productivity of the tractor by minimizing gaps and overlaps during tillage, and also eliminates the “thickening” of crops during work on the sowing complexes.

The tractor is compatible with installing both an electric thruster and more precise steering with a hydraulic valve.



An auxiliary fuel filter (filter separator) is included in the basic equipment of Rostselmash tractors.

During engine operation, a coarse fuel filter and an auxiliary filter separator on the engine separate water and solid impurities that may be in the fuel system, thereby providing reliable protection of the engine from the destruction of fuel equipment.

You can drain the liquid from the coarse fuel filter by opening a small plastic tap at the bottom of the filter.



All lubrication points are accessible from ground level. In most containers where there are liquids, sighting devices are built-in, which allows you to quickly check the oil level in the hydraulic system, differential and transmission, which guarantees timely service and efficient operation of the equipment. The radiator unit has easy access and opens out. This technique was used to maximize operator comfort during shift-by-hour maintenance for minimal time spent on inspection and cleaning of the cooling radiator block.



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