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Tractor 1000 series (370-400 h.p.)

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Tractors of the 1000 RSM series (370-400 hp) are universal all-wheel drive machines designed to perform any tasks no matter what you put in front of them. They will always be your reliable helpers due to their high reliability throughout the entire service life. For nearly 40 years, Cummins has been a reliable partner and supplier of engines for tractors in this series.

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• single gear shift;
• sequential gear shifting;
• shuttle switching from forward gears to reverse;
• programmable gear shift, up / down;
• automatic speed selection.


For ease of management and control of the hydraulic system operation parameters, the cab is equipped with a 10-inch color display. Electronic control allows literally “fingertips” to carry out programmable operations for raising, lowering, turning on the neutral and floating control modes of working equipment with flow control from 0 to 208 l / min. Optionally, it is possible to increase the oil flow to 284 l / min by installing an additional hydraulic pump. Four electro-hydraulic valves are standard equipment, if necessary, additional installation of remotely controlled valves (up to 6 pieces) of a sectional control valve is possible.


In addition to the power take-off shaft, the basic package includes a three-point linkage of Cat IV category with a carrying capacity of 7,829 kg. The electronic copying of the field relief allows you to work as productively as possible at a given processing depth. The control buttons for raising and lowering the hitch for the operator’s convenience are duplicated on the rear wings of the tractor. The swivel drawbar is equipped with a Cat III 38 mm pin and a Cat IV 51 mm pin with automatic latch, which allows hitching without an assistant.


A bright, spacious cabin provides an excellent panoramic view of 360 degrees, the glazing area is 6.22 m2. The ergonomic control panel integrated in the right armrest allows you to control all tractor functions using simple algorithms, the keys are intuitive.

The semi-automatic pneumatic suspension of the operator’s seat with 11 adjustments allows you to choose a comfortable mode of operation, the Auto Steer Ready system pre-installed in the basic configuration will ideally complement the installation of an automatic driving system from any manufacturer.



Tractors 370, 400 have established themselves as powerful reliable machines at a reasonable price. Regular maintenance extends the life of tractors, reduces the cost of ownership of the equipment, reduces its downtime. Inspection eyes allow you to quickly check the level of working fluids.

The tractor hoods easily rise up, providing access for convenient cleaning, refueling and monitoring of engine radiators, transmission, air conditioning and fuel cooler.


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